Friday, 23 June 2017

Versova or Oshiwara – Where Should you Consider Investing?

Investing in real estate Mumbai can be a wise choice since the property rates have been constantly increasing with an increasing rate. Almost all places in Mumbai are good in terms of investing but when it comes to a comparison between the two places, then one needs to carefully check out the real estate market and its development at that particular location. One needs to study the real estate market of the past few years to get an idea of what has been the trend and several other factors affecting the market of real estate needs to be carefully studied. Versova and Oshiwara, both the places are good in terms of investment in real estate but Oshiwara has numerous advantages than Versova for investing.

Reasons Why Oshiwara Has Added Advantages

There are several advantages why one should choose Oshiwara for the purpose of investment are as mentioned below.
  • Oshiwara gets a lot of benefits from the transport facilities of the Andheri West. The place has a good connection with both the road and rail network. These networks connect Oshiwara to other regions of Mumbai. Oshiwara also benefits from the Andheri railway station which is one of the busiest in the country. Several buses are deployed by the municipal corporation of the state so that it becomes easier for the people to commute. Several people are choosing this place for living and there are several new residential projects in Mumbai coming up in this area which are ideal for investment purposes.
  • The upcoming metro rail project in this area will be of immense help to the people who travel from the eastern areas of the state to Navi Mumbai or Central Mumbai. This would be a mono rail project and would go above the ground. This facility is sure to increase the price of real estate Mumbai in Oshiwara and so this would be a good place from the point of view of the investors since this would give good returns on their investment.
  • The recreational and the entertainment facilities are well developed in recent times.  One can find several shopping complexes, luxury shopping malls, multiplexes, multi cuisine restaurants etc. which are the major source of attraction of this place and all these facilities are further adding up slowly to the price of real estate in Oshiwara and hence a very suitable place to invest in properties.
  • One can see the steady development of the residential properties in Oshiwara in the recent times. Some of the well – known property developers of Mumbai have invested here and there are several new luxury projects in Mumbai at Oshiwara which are coming up. These kinds of developments make it a favourable place for the investors. The developers have very well realized the potential of this particular area in terms of both residential and commercial growth as well.
Thus, all the above - mentioned factors contributes to make Oshiwara an ideal destination for the purpose of investment. The prices of real estate have still not achieved the sky rocketing limits but it will happen in a matter of a few years and hence is perfect for investors. 


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