Friday, 21 July 2017

Chattarpur is The Next Prime Destination in Delhi

South Delhi boasts of quite a few posh localities and Chattarpur is slowly becoming one of the most high in demand places Delhi. Developers had turned their attention to this region when other areas in South Delhi had started experiencing saturation and the prices there were skyrocketing. For home buyers looking for affordable homes in Delhi and particularly in Chattarpur then, this makes for a good investment option as the prices are still within easy reach but promises to give greater returns in future. The entire region has grown exponentially in terms of connectivity ever since the development of the Chattarpur Metro Station. 

The Yellow Line is a major line and traveling to and from the heart of Delhi would be made considerably easier because of it. The HUDA City Center and the Samaypur Badli are the two regions that the yellow line connects to every other place in between. Moreover, this is also one of the closest regions if one wants to get to the famous Qutub Minar, with another metro station situated close by.
Along the region, many places of repute can be found like the Chattarpur Temple and the town of Mehrauli which still attracts tourists because of its architecture. Moreover, being in the transit route to Gurgaon and Faridabad and due to it being an important center in NCR, the region is also connected through the DTC buses and other private bus routes. In spite of enjoying all the amenities of the main city of Delhi, the area is still devoid of the excessive pollution that Delhi suffers from and is also free from the relentless traffic and noise that plagues the city. Hence, owning flat will be a great move for the entire family, especially if there are children and the elderly around. Other notable areas that can be reached easily from here are IGNOU road, New Manglapuri and Andheria Mor.

The region now also has every kind of amenity that a modern Indian family can desire, with schools, colleges, banks and ATMS, hospitals and shopping malls all situated within a 20 minutes radius. Because of these factors, the rates here are also a little steep but a middle class family would still be able to afford it with the reduced bank interest rates. A modest 2 BHK flat in Chattarpur can cost around Rs. 40 lakhs with an approximate area of 850 sq feet. 

A 3 BHK flat would likewise cost around Rs. 60 lakhs but an independent builder floor might cost a little less. With the DLF farms and a number of colonies located close by, items of daily necessities are now available here with greater ease and all these factors are slowly contributing to the rise of the property prices in this locality and all these places are considered nowadays in prominent residential places in Delhi.

Nevertheless, owning a property in Chattarpur would prove to be a wise decision if one wants to stay within close proximity to Delhi, since the real estate development scenario here would only improve for the better in near future.


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