Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Top Area to Invest in Property in Pune

Pune is on its way to becoming one of the top metropolitan cities in the country. With development projects like provision of metro railway and international airport being planned in Pune, it is likely to have a tremendous boost in the real estate market as well. However, the main reason for the boost in the real estate market will come from the increase in the Information Technology sector in the city.

Real Estate in Pune

With more and more people moving in the city, the main city areas have become congested and the little amount of residential real estate left have very high demand. It is not only very difficult for people to find available housing in the main city, but with the amount of demand, property owners have increased the costs of rent. It is not different for property developers as well, as they also increase the costs of the residential properties in Pune which are available for sale. With this problem, real estate developers have decided to bring the residents to the peripheries of the city, not only to provide more housing but to decongest the city a little bit as well.

Suburbs in Pune

Many people now prefer to buy properties in the suburbs of Pune. While some of them are first-time home buyers, many of them just want to have a second home as an investment as with Rs. 40 lakhs, one can easily purchase a decent home in the suburbs as compared to the Crores of money it would cost to buy new apartments in Pune. The best thing about the suburbs in Pune is that it is far enough from the city to have a peaceful life but it is also near enough for the residents to commute to the city. These suburbs also come with the latest facilities and amenities as well with localities like Ranjangaon and Shikhapur to be satellite towns in the near future. The connectivity for the suburbs in Pune are also under development and in the next few years, there will be no problem while commuting to the city.

Benefits of Suburban Area in Pune

As mentioned before, the best thing about the suburban area of Pune is the affordability of the homes there. As compared to the flats in Pune city, the homes in the periphery of Pune will also be much safer for children as well, as they will be able to play outside, which is a rare thing in the big city. These affordable homes in Pune will also be great for young people to live in as well as they will be able to afford the homes here. And with the development of the connectivity to these suburbs, there will be no problem, such as traffic and lack of transportation, to go and come back from the city. 


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