Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Top Reasons Why Living in Bangalore is Best Decision

Looking to shift to Bangalore? No matter how volatile the Indian real estate market becomes, Bangalore will continue to see stable growth in terms of its property markets. The Silicon Valley of India has attained new heights in the real estate space after it became the IT hub of India. It has seen an amazing growth in commerce and infrastructure due to its IT prowess. Whether it is 2 BHK apartment in Bangalore or grand villas, almost all property types in Bangalore witness investment from both end users and investors alike. 

There are several reasons why living in Bangalore is certainly worth it!  

  • Bangalore is a real paradise for music lovers: The best musical concerts take place in Bangalore. Every artist who tours India performs in Bangalore City without a doubt. You will find hardcore music lovers and fans here. The rock culture of the city attracts everyone towards Bangalore.
  • Cubbon Park: At the Cubbon Park, one can enjoy huge lung spaces and abundant oxygen. Spread across 100 acres of lush greenery, the Cubbon Park is the prime reason why one should stay in Bangalore. Here you will find a huge collection of flowers and tropical plants.
  • Amazing bus service: There are BTMC buses plying in Bangalore that carry almost 43 lakh passengers on a daily basis. The Volvo network will make sure that you never miss out on your flights or daily commutes.
  • Wonderful and lip-smacking food: If you love to eat South Indian dishes like ‘Dosa’, ‘Idli’, ‘Utappam’, you cannot miss out a few places in Bangalore like CTR, MTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan. If you live in Bangalore, you will enjoy delicious food items and cuisines almost every day.
  • Pubs are everywhere: In almost every corner of the city, you will find pubs. Such pubs serve your favorite drinks along with lip smacking grub.
  • The beautiful climate: We may say that Bangalore experiences moderate climatic conditions when it is neither too hot nor too cold. You may check out the upcoming residential projects in Bangalore if you wish to stop having reasons to complain about scorching summers or harsh winters.

  • The theatrical culture is alive: Bangalore is one of those few cities that have kept theatre and arts and culture alive. Ranga Shankara, in particular, promotes theatre in almost all languages.
  • The growing real estate market: When compared to the other metropolitan cities, Bangalore is seeing a steady growth in the real estate market. You can confidently buy flats as Bangalore offers various destination for real estate investment. Luxury residential projects are seemingly sprouting in almost all areas of the city.
  • Booming IT industry: If you are a working professional and involved in the IT industry, you must definitely bank upon Bangalore city. An increasing number of people move to Bangalore since the IT industry is on the upswing here and also because the Garden City is one of the biggest startup hubs in India. 


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