Friday, 25 August 2017

Which is the Best Place to Buy Home in Bangalore Whitefield or Koramangala

Bangalore being a metropolitan city shines more with the industries including the software, hardware, electronics, healthcare, and all other companies. The professionals are occupying the different places as their residential property in Bangalore thus contributing the real estate development with the city.

An Overview: Whitefield

property in whitefield

Whitefield is one of the most expensive residential localities in Bangalore. The software companies are accumulated as a destination point here in this locality. It is also called as IT hub. Numerous residential and commercial projects are started in the region that includes the apartments, flats for both sales and rents. The individuals seeking house either for rent or own can look for these regions. These regions serve as the region of interest for most of the people working in software since most of the IT companies are located near this region. Whitefield remains as the locality for connecting the professionals of various IT companies. The luxurious flats and apartments in Whitefield influence Bangalore real estate.

An Overview: Koramangala

property in koramangala

Koramangala is the region among the Bangalore’s residential neighbourhoods. The area uses the several residential apartments. These areas have numerous shopping malls, restaurants and all other provisions. Forum Mall, one of the biggest shopping malls in South India is located in this region. This area remains as the central hub for proximity to the different roads and destinations such as Electronic city, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring road, Airport Road and all other major places of the city. Everyone can get the buses at all time to different places in this region. This proximity had made comfortable to the resources for transportation. Flats in Koramangala are very affordable with the price as compared with the flats in Bangalore.
Comparison of Price
The price for the region Whitefield as specified earlier is higher and is most expensive when compared to other property in Bangalore. The prices are the highest in this region but they are reasonable, as most of the multinational companies are present in this region. The change in the price accounts for around 10 percentage every year that contributes the highest realty growth in property in Bangalore. Most of the professionals in software companies will own or rent the flats or apartments with their luxurious lifestyle. Bangalore real estate developers feel that the price changes in Whitefield with years for the properties are reasonable.
The price for the region Koramangala is moderate, reasonable, and not more expensive. The prices will be accountable as moderate, reasonable price when compared with other regions in Bangalore. The cost is very effective for the residents who are willing to stay near the destinations in Bangalore. The capital returns and the rental returns are also increasing with the years.
Thus, one can look for the house either rent or owning them with facilities at Koramangala in Bangalore rather than the house at the Whitefield. The house at Koramangala will be comfortable for the residents since they provide all the facilities, social infrastructure, presence of shopping malls, and proximity to all cities at affordable costs. 


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